What is Security Startup Challenge?

SSC 2015 wants to empower startups to protect the world from cyberthreats. In order to do this, the event has partnered with Kaspersky Lab, a major global cybersecurity player, and Mangrove and ABRT venture funds to
create a three month acceleration program which will help you transform your business. If you’ve founded a startup which offers a cybersecurity solution, input from expert industry mentors
will help turn your technology into a world-class product. You’ll also benefit if your startup gets its competitive edge from security, whether your focus is in healthcare, fintech, telcos, mobile,
the Internet of Things, or the Cloud.

You want to grow a successful business, but security products and services can be vulnerable. Don’t leave it to chance – apply for the SSC, and we’ll help you secure your startup.

The program runs from March to August 2015, including a series of preliminary (optional) two-day workshops in 5 countries across the globe. Participants of two-day events who demonstrate a dynamic approach to their startup ideas will improve their chances of being selected for the main program and competing for the $80K prize fund.

What you gain

We’ll help you grow your startup using proven step-by-step methodology:

Pick your sales wins
Build your sales funnel
Maximize leads & prospects
Prepare your value proposition
Create your market positioning
Define your investment case

Winner awards

Seven teams will pitch their startups at a Grand Final at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to a panel including VCs and media representatives

Awards for the three best teams

Who will benefit

Product stage

Idea, post-prototype, pre-product, pre-revenue, seed stage or pre-seed

Market stage

Pre-market or with a sales track record


Experienced in cybersecurity or in security-related products, eager to launch a global security startup



Get involved

Fill in the application form, attend Skype interview, get selected

Turn your Minimum Viable Product
into a Most Valuable Player market position
with venture fund mentors and

successful entrepreneurs

David Waroquier
Partner, Mangrove
Capital Partners
Michael Jackson
Partner, Mangrove
Capital Partners
Andrew Gershfeld
ABRT Fund, Chief Investment Officer
Ratmir Timashev
Managing Partner at ABRT Venture Fund
Damiano Bolzoni
CEO & Co-Founder at Security Matters BV
Nick Mitushin
ABRT Venture Fund

Learn from cybersecurity industry insiders

Sergey Novikov
Deputy Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab
Ryan Naraine
PDirector, Global Research & Analysis Team, US, Kaspersky Lab
David Emm
Principal Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab
Vitaly Kamluk
Principal Security Researcher, EEMEA, Kaspersky Lab
Ilya Kuznetsov
Deputy CTO, Strategy Development, Kaspersky Lab
Eugene Kaspersky
CEO & Co-Founder, Kaspersky Lab
Marco Preuss
Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, Europe, Kaspersky Lab
Christian Funk
Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab
Marta Janus
Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab
Sergey Lozhkin
Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab
Ido Noar
Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team, Europe, Kaspersky Lab

The team is growing…

Program dates

March – April 2015 
SSC two-day warm-up events (optional)

To improve your chances of being selected for the main SSC acceleration program, 
you can attend a two-day optional SSC event between February and May in 
Jerusalem, Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore or Moscow.

Click your location to apply!JerusalemMarch 22-24BerlinMarch 26-27San FranciscoApril 7-8SingaporeApril 16-17MoscowApril 23-24

Security Startup Challenge
acceleration program

Applications for the SSC 3-month acceleration program starts January 10
28AprilSubmission deadline for the 3-month programCybersecurity experts and startup mentors will select the 40 best applicants to attend the bootcamp.
26 – 30MayProgram Kick-off in Luxembourg, 40 participants— Explore the hottest cybersecurity trends – current issues, problems, challenges, threats, and technologies to determine the focus of your startup— Develop your startup with the help of cybersecurity experts and startup mentors. Create and present your action plan to attract early adopters and customers.— Cybersecurity experts and startup mentors will create 20 teams with a passion for cybersecurity topics to work on market development.
31 – 6May July20 teams will work on market development in the home country— Teams start working with early adopters or customers, collect and analyze real market feedback data.— Startup progress tracked on a weekly basis by cybersecurity experts and startup mentors (seasoned entrepreneurs, VCs).
7 – 11JulySSC Bootcamp in Luxembourg— Teams design products, analyze the competition and plan startup financing on the basis of data collected during the market development stage.— Cybersecurity experts and startup mentors select the 16 best teams to work on product & market fit.
12 – 16July August10 teams work in their home countries, regular meetings online. Applications for US visas.— Teams develop MVP and pilot cyber security products.— Cybersecurity experts and startup mentors check teams’ pilot products and results.— Teams track startup progress on a weekly basis.— Cybersecurity experts and startup mentors select the 7 best teams to pitch their product or service launch at MIT.
17 – 21AugustFinals— Supported team preparation: creating a detailed story: how the startup evolved, the business model used, and the launch plan.— Rehearsal day: teams present to a select group of information security experts, startup mentors and advisors who feedback on how to improve the presentations.— Demo day: teams present their detailed stories to an invited panel of judges, mentors and advisors. Three teams will be selected to attend a closed event with press representatives.— Preparation of business plan teaser.— Program finals: the best 7 teams present their business plan teasers and startup showcase to the public, with judges selecting the winning team.